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A political contest where the candidates were so different and

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cheap yeezys Privacy Policy Terms of Service Ad Choices Public cheap air jordans 9 FileCHICAGO (AP) The co founder of food delivery service Grubhub sent an email cheap jordans 2017 to all his employees suggesting that supporters of President elect Donald Trump should resign, then issued a statement saying he welcomes all employees, regardless of their political beliefs.CEO Matt Maloney email cool cheap jordans Wednesday said he rejects Trump „nationalist, anti Cheap jordans immigrant and hateful politics“ and that anyone who disagrees should where to get cheap jordans immediately resign „because you have no place here.“In a tweet Thursday that was later deleted, Maloney said: „Grubhub does not tolerate hate and we are proud of all our employees even those who voted for Trump.“Maloney later issued a statement saying his email advocated for inclusion and tolerance and that Grubhub doesn discriminate based on political beliefs.Meanwhile, other CEO are urging unity:According to BuzzFeed, CEO Tim Cook sent an email to employees that read in part, heard from many of you today about the presidential election, Cook writes. A political contest where the candidates were https://www.cheapjordansretros2u.com so different and each received a similar number of popular votes, it inevitable that the aftermath leaves Cheap jordans many of you with strong feelings. Regardless of which candidate each of us supported as individuals, the only way to move forward is to move forward together. cheap yeezys

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