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You’re probably chuckling to yourself as you read this

I work at a shelter, dickhead. I have for years. I also personally have had to surrender a dog after his behavior changed after he got comfortable in his new home and mauled my landlord. The snap looks good, but it’s coming too late once your arms have already done all of the work to lift the bell. You should be pushing. The heavier weight should help with this.

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canadian goose jacket You’re just driving more and more moderate Republicans away from the party with your toxicity. You’re probably chuckling to yourself as you read this, telling yourself „Ha! I really struck a nerve with this guy“, but deep down you know I’m right and this is the most attention you’ve received from another human being in a long time. You’re sad and lonely because the only people you haven’t driven out of your life are just as toxic as you are. canadian goose jacket

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