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The picture was actually taken at the Sahydari Tiger Reserve in

Several Democratic strategists said Wednesday that the outcome showed the need for the party to recalibrate its strategy heading into 2020 and beyond.To win, they said, the party must expand its base of black and brown voters while also calling out racism more directly and doing more to persuade white voters to reject bigotry.some point, voters have to stop rewarding racist behavior, said activist Brittany Packnett.During the campaign cycle, Trump referred to black Tallahassee mayor and Democratic candidate for Florida governor Andrew Gillum as thief because of an undercover FBI investigation into his acceptance of Broadway tickets. Trump also branded Gillum city he framed Yale Law School graduate, veteran lawmaker and https://www.salecanadagooseoutlets.com/ Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, a black woman, as incompetent.Republican Ron DeSantis, who beat Gillum on Tuesday, began the campaign by cautioning Florida voters not to this up by voting for the Democrat a remark that was also decried as racist.In the end, Gillum came within less than 56,000 votes of DeSantis. In Georgia, the contest for governor was still too close to call on Wednesday.There were also campaigns around the country where allegations of racism were not enough to knock the candidate out of the running.

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