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The only exciting X factor became the turnovers

So basically Shane was a super dick. Acted all buddy buddy with Rick then got Jealous due to the Wife. While Rick, Carl and Shane were out hunting Shane drew his rifle on Rick, Carl saw this and fucking shoots him through the neck killing him. Knowing every drive is an effortless march down the field in five plays for a TD is boring. I hate to say it but I was indeed bored by the end of last nights game. The only exciting X factor became the turnovers, which teams cannot rely on to win every week.

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uk canada goose outlet Pacquiao, despite not being in the best form we are all used to, landed more punches, more consistently throughout the rounds and consistently defended Horns unbalanced and wild attempts at a single knockout punch. Yes he clocked Manny a few times but nearly every round Manny was doing damage to Horn but it seemed mostly overshadowed by the crowd backed Horn cheering every time he made an off balance swing.At best a few rounds could have gone either way and maybe a draw or at a push a split decision. But for one of the judges to call it 117 111 when the 9th should have been a 10 8 round is ridiculous uk canada goose outlet.