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The Ferret wasn converted, as it was made that way to begin

That not to say modesty isn involved at all, because it is an important fact, and things like the kynodesme relay this, but:but what I haven seen mentioned, at least in the top comments, is that large cock statues DID exist in both Greece and Rome, but for different purposes. The Hermae of Greece had absolutely gigantic cocks, the ones in Athens were cut off on either an act of vandialism, or an act against democracy right before the Sicilian Expedition (there a lot of debate on this, and as much as I like to say it the latter, there no definite proof and even the people admitting fault were pressured to do so to save their lives.)These things survive better in frescoes and descriptions because things sticking out a long distance tend https://www.abirkins.com to break off easily of statues (this is why a lot of statues also lack arms. Same thing going on with erect penises.

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