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The City of Arlington pushed back

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purse replica handbags The result Tuesday night will limit Arlington’s mayor and city council to three two year terms. Mayor Jeff Williams said he hopes that will change when he sets up a citizens’ commission with the goal of extending term limits.]]>going to throw a lot of people out of office that maybe some voters didn realize that that was the case, said Eli Gross who voted against the proposal.But the battle over term limits was well publicized before the election.A citizen group gathered signatures and filed the paper work needed to replica wallets be it on the ballot.The City of Arlington pushed back, trying to stop the proposition from going on the ballot and also trying to come up with its own competing proposition which was ultimately shot down by a court.Members of the group who worked to get the proposition on the ballot believe the mayor is not respecting the will of Arlington voters.SOT: Louise Dunn supports term limitsam suspect of what might come of this since they wouldn work with us, said Louise Dunn, who supports term limits. Wanted to make peace. purse replica handbags

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