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Old 911, because of the rear engine understeer by being light

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Canada Goose sale Rear engine is a very effective layout because it gives you great traction, and low transmission loss (Engine is very close to the wheels unlike front engine RWD), wich makes for a great and light package.The issue is 911 were one of canada goose sale uk the very few cars with rear engine layout, wich has a different kind of handling, and you have to drive a certain way to extract maximum performance. It like RWD vs FWD, they handle very different, and to drive fast around the track you have different aproaches with each one.Old 911, because of the rear engine understeer by being light at the front. But if you make them oversteer, they suffer what people call „pendulum effect“ wich makes the car overstter one way, and you correct and it oversteers the oposite way. Canada Goose sale

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