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In June, she was taken to hospital after being accused of her

But absolutely. And I’ve questioned a lot of things about myself and I really believe in doing the work on myself. I can’t change anybody else. Locklear residence yesterday afternoon. There was no crime, and we have no additional information to release former Melrose Place actor was hospitalised for a psychiatric evaluation in June after she threatened to shoot herself because she thought Heisser was cheating on her.She was released three days later and was arrested four days afterwards for battery of an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician).Locklear was hospitalised again later that month after a reported overdose at her home, and she completed a stint in a rehab facility.In June, she was taken to hospital after being accused of her 85 year old mother and threatening to kill herself, the Daily Mail reports, and was described as and was also arrested for driving under the influence after she crashed her car on her Los Angeles property. Martin on Fire and BloodLisa Origliasso wedding: Veronicas star’s unusual ceremony..

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