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He’d successfully killed a member of a species in danger of

Over the weekend, Queensland Police Union President Ian Leavers slammed the unmarked and often covert speed cameras, saying they nothing more than raising a ticket in the mail up to a month after speeding when you can barely remember even where you were back then, has no effect and is quite rightly cynically viewed as revenue raising, he said.a highly visible policing presence and highly marked police speed camera vans with large police decals all over them staffed by police are the way to address the road toll, Mr Leavers added.receive significant criticism from the public and are accused of being raisers when unmarked and covert speed cameras or speed camera trailers are deployed, Mr Leavers said.need an immediate end to the use of these sneaky devices and increase more visible policing so that we can regain public confidence. Mr Leavers wanting to see an end to unmarked cameras, Road Policing Command Assistant Commissioner Mike Keating said the system wasn going anywhere.road policing officer has ever made a comment to me about concerns about the covert speeding camera program, Mr Keating said in a press conference yesterday, responding to Mr Leavers comments.would be very happy to see a day where we have no infringements issued, he said.interest is not in the target, it in saving people lives across the state. Picture: Jerad WilliamsSource:News Corp AustraliaDeputy opposition leader Tim Mander said the state government was expected to raise $194 million in revenue from all speed cameras by 2020 2021.(Premier Annastacia) Palaszczuk government is using Queenslanders as cash cows, he said.have budgeted an extra 46 per cent in speeding fines for the next three years.

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