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Cornyn went on to say to his Senate colleagues

Protect Kids and Parents Act

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has introduced a bill that looks to keep illegal immigrant families together and expedite the asylum process. canada goose outlet ontario illegally. Exceptions that would allow kids to be canada goose outlet store uk removed from custody of their parents include cases involving aggravated criminal conduct or threat canada goose outlet kokemuksia or harm to the children. The child may be removed if there are signs of abuse, neglect or evidence of human trafficking.The new bill also looks to expedite the process of granting asylum to families with children who crossed over illegally. If it is found that those individuals with children aren allowed to stay, they will be sent back to their home countries as a family.The bill would double with amount of federal https://www.canadagoosepark.com immigration judges so that claims of individuals with children could be processed faster. This would increase the amount of judges from about 375 canada goose outlet in vancouver to 750.Family shelters would also be put into place so that children can remain with their parents while their claims are being processed.In a statement on the newly introduced bill, Sen. Cruz said:the past few weeks, Americans have been rightly horrified by the images and videos coming from our southern border, where tearful children are being pulled away from their mothers and fathers. There is no doubt that this must stop, immediately. We can canada goose outlet trillium parka black come together to fix this problem. The focuses on solving the canada goose uk current problem: it stops family separation, except in situations where it is necessary to protect the health and well being of the child, and doubles the number of immigration judges and expedites the process by which we handle asylum claims by families who enter our country. I hope that my Democratic colleagues can join with us to stop the crisis that is occurring at the border. Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz (R Texas) announced plans to keep parents and their children together at the border.Sen. Cornyn discussed his plan to update and reintroduce his 2014 legislation, the HUMANE Act, to keep parents and children who’ve been apprehended at the border together while they wait for their court hearings. Senator John Cornyn (R TX)“Just like under the Obama Administration in 2014, we seen a surge of unaccompanied children and families coming across our official canada goose outlet southern border during the spring and summer months,“ Cornyn said on the Senate floor. „The Trump canada goose outlet real Administration has made a decision to enforce all of our laws by prosecuting adults in criminal court when they apprehended crossing our borders illegally. I support that approach.““Because of numerous federal court canada goose outlet store near me decisions, settlements, and statutes, an adult can be separated from a child as part canada goose outlet in montreal of the legal process as it plays out That way, children canada goose outlet belgium are placed in a separate, safer setting. I doubt many of us would want a child to go to canada goose outlet canada a jail cell where somebody is being held for illegally entering the country. That why they are put in a separate, safer setting. canada goose discount uk They aren left unattended and fending for themselves amongst potentially violent criminals that are being detained in regular ICE or bureau prison facilities.“Sen. Cornyn went on to say to his Senate colleagues, „As the New York Times stated this weekend, there is no expressed Trump Administration policy stating that illegal border crossers must be separated from their children This canada goose outlet montreal cheap canada goose is as a result of other consent decrees and canada goose outlet store calgary laws which are within the power of Congress to change. In fact, I think every member canada goose outlet locations in toronto of this Chamber will agree that we should never be placing children in prison cells or jails with hardened criminals when their parents are being prosecuted.“Sen. Cornyn canada goose outlet nyc said the government should keep family members together and prevent unnecessary hardship, stress and outrage.good news is we have it within our power to find a better way because parents who are awaiting court proceedings shouldn have to do so separated from their children, and children shouldn be taken from their parents goose outlet canada and left frightened and confused about where they are and what is transpiring around them,“ Cornyn said.

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