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9 per cent for Samsung and 15

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Hermes Handbags The handsets account for more than half of the Cupertino based company revenue.In the second quarter of this year, the company recorded profits that jumped more than 30 per cent to $US11.5 billion ($A15.5 billion), besting market expectations despite selling slightly fewer iPhones luxury replica bags than analysts projected.Steve Jobs leans on the new Macintosh personal computer in 1984. Picture: APSource:APJohn Sculley, chairman of Apple, shows off the hermes replica bracelet new Macintosh II computer in 1997. Picture: APSource:APApple revenue in the fiscal third quarter soared best hermes evelyne replica 17 per cent to $US53.3 billion ($A72 billion) from the same period a year earlier on the back of sales of pricier iPhones, online services and wearable devices.WAITING FOR MAGICHowever, iPhones accounted for 14.7 per cent of the smartphones sold in 2017, while South Korean consumer electronics behemoth Samsung had 21.6 per cent of that market, according to industry tracker IDC.Apple shipped 41.3 million iPhones, claiming 12.1 per cent of the global market compared to 20.9 per cent for Samsung and 15.8 per cent for Huawei.Apple has seen sales of Mac computers grow despite overall shrinking in the market.Since the death of legendary Apple co founder and pitchman Steve Jobs in 2011, analysts have watched for the company to wow the world with high quality hermes replica uk the next thing that will shake up culture and fuel revenue like the Macintosh, the iPod or the iPhone.Apple CEO Steve Jobs holds up the new iPhone in 2007 Hermes Handbags.